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Koolen’s Turkish coffee maker

Koolen’s Turkish coffee maker

Why Koolen’s Turkish coffee maker is the best choice for you?


Man has always struggled for things which strike him different. His choice still remained different, which attract him and make him a habitual. This journey of liking started from the purely natural things blessed by Natural, which later transformed into the blend of natural elements to achieve a different taste. In this journey, few things died down with time, but few became a necessary part of humans life, Coffee is one of them.


“I have measured out my life with coffee spoons” rightly said as Life exists in Coffee. Coffee has the second biggest trade volume around the world after petrol, and it is known to have approximately 70 types. This natural drink was discovered by Kaldi in 9th-century when he noticed his goats get more energetic and fresh after eating beans of the coffee plant. The love for Coffee has never ended and will never end. It always remained the choice of elegant, wise, and elite people around the globe.

Saudi Arabia Crave for Coffee

Coffee represents a cultural symbol that strengthens the ties and friendship among people of Saudi Arabia. Serving Arabic Coffee is the primary aspect of hospitality in Arab cultures and considered a traditional act of generosity. Traditionally, Coffee is prepared in front of guests. Once brewed, it is poured into a smaller coffee pot from which it is poured into small cups. The Turkish Coffee Maker will assist you in such gatherings where it is placed in the centre of your sitting, will allow you to make the best fresh Coffee, and get amazed by the Coffee’s beautiful aura seeping into your minds.

Coffee has always been the main part of Middle Eastern culture, especially in Saudi Arabian Culture, a traditional companion at meetings, weddings, and a wide variety of social events. In Saudi Arabian families, there is never an occasion where the “Dalla” — the traditional Arabic coffee maker — is unavailable.

Koolen Turkish Coffee Maker 

The Turkish Coffee Maker 0.4Lis the best of them, which keeps the elegancy and distinction of your personality along with adding a charm of happiness to your kitchen. With the amazing one-click technology, It assists you in starting a wonderful voyage from a tiny bean, and stimulate your heart and mind by an astonishingly cultured taste coffee which will strengthen friendship when served to friends and will take your tiredness away during the day giving you a relaxed and charming mood.

The Elegant and smart design of Turkish Coffee Maker along with making a quality coffee also assists your kitchen in enhancing its beauty by the amazingly intelligent and compact appearance. Our Engineers have always focused on the styling, quality, and compatibility of the Coffee maker so it may be used both indoor and outdoor, to make your occasions and servings easy and fast.


Why to choose Koolen Turkish Coffee Maker?

Hiding in it the traditional taste of Coffee inherited by Turkey, this smart Coffee Making Machine promises in preserving the real natural flavour of the Coffee you desire making through it. Koolen being the oldest outfit further entertains its quality along with favourable durability. Being a Coffee lover, one sip of the Coffee will make you understand the capability of this fantastic Machine. It is recommended and adopted by the best Coffee Makers/ Lovers around the globe.

Why The Turkish Coffee Maker

The advancement in technology has tried to provide ease in preserving the authentic food & beverages taste and has bought for you amazing machines that give you the amazing charm of having the best beverage enriched with the real traditional taste.

Being living in 2020, let's just get the best benefits of technology available which has always assisted mankind in saving their time and efforts along with giving them the best taste of the things they love.

This small Machine hides in itself the latest one-click technology, which has made Coffee making a matter of seconds. This technology has made this Machine easy and safer to use. Working on the principle of one-click technology, you can get your desired taste with fewer efforts. 

Make Turkish Coffee Maker with the best one-click technology part of your kitchen or gathering and allow it to serve you with the best Coffee ever made with minimum efforts and maximum safety and let it provoke a new hobby in you of, "Making Coffee”.

How to Make

This Machine assists you in making Coffee as easy as a Clap. Following are the steps involved:-

1.    Pour water in the kettle giving along with the Machine.

2.    Add your desires amount of Turkish Coffee Powder and sugar

3.    Put the kettle in the maker Machine and push the ______ button.

4.    The Machine will give a beep sound on starting and a beep sound when the Coffee is ready.

5.    On the Ready Beep sound, take out the kettle and pour the Coffee in the cups. Your Coffee is ready to serve.


Designed in the elegant and striking black colour, the coffee maker comes with a kettle which allows you to mix the ingredients you desire as per your taste. The kettle has a good capacity of making Coffee which is enough to serve a gathering of 3 to 4 guests and is made of excellent material to avoid the transfer of electric current of any other harmful thing inside it. Being very user friendly, it assists you during making the Coffee by depicting numerous colour lights, giving you indication either Coffee is getting ready or it is ready to serve. The smart and striking style of kettle allows you to serve the Coffee within it; there won't be any need to shift it to some other utensil or kettle for serving.


A Necessary Kitchen Part

 Despite using on occasions or gatherings, the Turkish Coffee Maker can be well used at home in making routine Coffee for your family. The beauty of the Turkish Coffee Maker is that it makes you a coffee expert with its first use, and makes people love the Coffee you made with your hands. The Comfort and ease it provides to its user always remained remarkable. It even assists kids in making Coffee without any parental guidance.

The best thing about Turkish Coffee Maker is that it's not specifically restricted to one kind of Coffee. It can make all kinds of Coffee, either local or international, beans or powdered, creamy, light or hard, all kinds of Coffee can be made through this Machine. We have around a total of 70 types of coffees available in the world which can be easily made through this Machine with its exact taste, freshness, and fragrance. It gives you an amazing taste with the Coffee of farms of the Fifa Mountains located in the west of Saudi Arabia.

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