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Koolen irons

Koolen irons

We want our clothes to be ironed every day!


We don’t want any wrinkles in our clothes. Wearing neat and tidy clothes first thing in the morning can uplift our mood and brighten our day.

Electric irons are often underrated and not talked about that much. They are essential in our everyday lives. Ironed clothes also live behind a good impression of you to other people



Koolen irons are versatile and come with different functions. 

Their mechanisms will help you get the best results in minutes.Please choose from our wide range of collections such as steam iron, dry iron, and heavy iron.


Why Koolen Iron?

Decide the type of irons you want. Usually, there are two types of iron:

Steam iron and Dry irons.

Difference between dry irons and steam irons?

Dry irons are usually the traditional irons. They do not come with an in-built water tank. Dry irons require you to spray water manually. But Steam irons come with a built-in water tank which does not require you to spray water manually. Steam irons usually work faster than dry irons.

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